Airship Design & Production

Custom designed for specific apllications. In house R&D and production.

Material Science

We are one of the leaders in the production of lighter than air materials

Twister Wind Turbine

The R&D of our prototype wind turbine for the pourpose of generating electricity in low speed conditions is complete. We will enter the construction and testing phase next.

SAFE Armor

During the desing and testing of our airship materials we discovered that with slight modifications to the fibers we are able to mass produce anti-ballistic materials.

Hand Held Devices

Our state of the art Tetra/5G enabled hand held device is currently being developed and will function with all Stratxx aerial vehicles

Robotics & Software Development

All of our control systems and payloads have been developed in house from the ground up

Airship Construction

State of the art airship construction. We will meet the customers payload requirements and can build large airships for heavy payloads. Contact us for more information.

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Optical Free Laser

The optical free laser is used for high speed data transmission between airships and ground stations. The laser was developed in partnership with Via Light and DLR

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Hand Held Devices

Custom Tetra & 5G enabled hand held devices for emergency services over an extremely secure Wimax connection that communicates via airship and ground antennas

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Strategic Partners 2005-2008

Our projects require dedicated and talanted partners. We have established relationships with some of the top development teams in the world and have a constant demand for new partnerships in variouse fields.


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Video Library

Please contact us to gain access to our product presentation videos. Test and operational videos can be viewed at our location in Switzerland

Video Library