STRATXX’s mission is to:

-   make commercial products for stratospheric altitudes;

 -  build, operate and lease X-Stations™;

-   be the preferred contractor for corporations and governments using
    stratospheric services;

-   research and develop stratospheric technologies and applications;

-   and be a market leader through technological innovation and cost efficiency.

STRATXX's domicile in Switzerland gives it access to world-class universities, strategic partners with expert knowledge of aviation, defence and telecommunications. The country also offers political support for high-tech near-space development.

The international market potential is large. The X-Station™ platform is designed to meet new demand for stratospheric technologies during the next decade and beyond. X-Station™ technology is expected to enhance or replace tasks currently handled by satellites or terrestrial systems.

STRATXX’s commercial operations started in early 2010, with telecommunications (WiMax) and remote sensing operations in the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, and Africa.