Upcoming Product Release

In 2017 we will be launching a complete line ranging from level 2 all the way up to level 4 of 01.01.06 NIJ certified body armor under SAFE Armor. We are not like 90% of the body armor manufactures who simply mix already made materials to achieve the required ballistic threat levels. We manufacture from the ground up and have built our own production lines to produce ballistic material, Armor Plates, Ballistic shields, and Helmets. Our material can be mold shaped with out the use of resin and is extremely soft and flexible before being pressed with out the use of an oven.

We have designed production line that creates ballistic material form the fiber up using a similar method as the airship material. The motto for airship material has always been Lighter than air but this variation for the ballistic material we like to call Harder than Beton which is the German word for concrete.

We manufacture everything in house from the ground up and have an extensive quality control regiment on the production floor to achieve perfect semetry and an ISO standard product. The future production line will be completely automated to eliminate human error to avoid a halt in production.

We are also developing the world first cut resistant breathable glove. There are cut resistant gloves out there made out of Aramid or Polyethylene but they breath not very well making it a sweaty mess. We are developing a cut resistant glove that actually breathes making it possible for police officers to wear them all day and not have to worry about being poked by needles and they now have the ability to grab a knife with their hands.

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We are developing The X-Station. A fully integrated High Altitude Platform Station (HAPS) for fixed altitude wireless communication.

Our's Low Altitude Platforms (PhoeniXX, X-BUGS and X-Tower) have been derived from the X-Station technology.

Our platforms perform better than other communication alternatives operating in this development space.

Our unique High Altitude Platform Station (HAPS) technology is designed to deliver rapid and low-cost access to the telecommunications sector especially in regions lacking modern infrastructure.

HAPS's proximity to Earth will allow several transmission technologies to operate on the same platform such as TV, Radio, and broadcast mobile telephony, VoIP, remote sensing and local GPS all on one platform.

During the research and development of this platform we developed other related products such as Super Material and the Home Away system.