Our Low Altitude Platforms - PhoeniXX stations - offer a smaller scale alternative to the X-Station High Altitude Platform.

The PhoeniXX is designed for an altitude of up to 5,000 metres above sea level with fully autonomous flying capability. The PhoeniXX can operate in both a geostationary or roaming mode.

The incorporation of a light SAIR imaging system reduces the cost and enhances the qulity of radar-based information making the PhoeniXX ideal for scientific research, mineral exploration, commercial remote sensing, and emergency management applications.

PhoeniXX platforms will have several unique capabilities, including mapping of surface changes, better discrimination of texture and water content, long-term observations, high-resolution images and continuous monitoring of changing conditions.

The PhoeniXX has full autonomous flying capability, all weather flying capability, it can be easily recalled to the ground, and the operation costs are low.