18'000m3 X-Station at Zeppelin Hangar in Friedrichshafen, Germany

High Altitude Platform Stations

High Altitude Platform Station (HAPS) technology allows payload equipment to be lifted and maintained in the environment prevailing at high altitudes (low temperature, low air density, high radiation). The concept combines modules that are relatively inexpensive to produce, assemble and operate.

The X-Station is unique due to its innovative design, rapid deployment-redeployment characteristics, upgradeability and modular design. The technology is packaged in a simple, modular and upgradeable product range. By using emission free propulsion systems, there is minimal environmental impact. Furthermore, its perfect line-of-sight minimises electro-smog at ground level.

The X-Station will be made from super-strength and super-light materials. Our clients can communicate with a fixed "on station" platform 21 kilometres above the Earth.

Ground positioning systems

Each X-Station set (1 set = 3 X-Stations) can provide local GPS services in an over 1,000,000 square kilometer region with much higher resolution, and will be independent from existing US or European systems.


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