Our Low Altitude Platform X-Tower handles different tasks which replace antenna masts or helicopter flights.

The X-Tower is designed for an altitude from 200 m to 2'500 m above ground. A single cable (the tether) maintains the X-Tower in position. Power for the electronic payload and the avionics is provided through electrical conductors in the cable.

Features & Benefits:

Geostationary antenna carrier in lower altitudes to provide GSM, TETRA, WiMax communication.

Camera carrier with an live video feed to the ground station over a fibre (ethernet RJ45) connection in the tether.

The X-STation has a fully autonomous flying capability, up to 100 km/h wind force, it can be easily recalled to the ground, and the operational costs are low.

Possible Applications:

-   Communications
-   Crisis and disaster management (quick setup of communications infrastructure)
-   Security and border control
-   Monitoring / protection of critical infrastructures
-   Laser detection technology

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