We develope high tech systems for the complex world of communications and technologies.

Airship Design & Production

Custom designed for specific apllications. In house R&D and production.

Material Science

We are one of the leaders in the production of lighter than air materials

Twister Wind Turbine

The R&D of our prototype wind turbine for the pourpose of generating electricity in low speed conditions is complete. We will enter the construction and testing phase next.

SAFE Armor

During the desing and testing of our airship materials we discovered that with slight modifications to the fibers we are able to mass produce anti-ballistic materials.

Hand Held Devices

Our state of the art Tetra/5G enabled hand held device is currently being developed and will function with all Stratxx aerial vehicles

Robotics & Software Development

All of our control systems and payloads have been developed in house from the ground up

We have a talented engineering team

Since we build everything in house we are able to offer a tailored experience based on the customers needs. Each system is unique this is why we decided to spend the time and money to produce everything in house. we are able to attach any type of payload.

Our systems are not limted to our payload and we can deploy any type of payload for specific needs ranging from border survaillance to thermal forest fire detection. Our Phoenix low alttidue airship is fantastic for rescue operations as well as scientific observations and research. It is in our plans to build a 10 passanger airship that will travel from Switzerland to New York and back to set a new world record for longest airship flight in history.

We build state of the art production and repair fascilities to accomodate our systems

For multi fleet systems we are able to build a repair fascility in the end users location or even a production fascility if a license is purchased.

Our talented staff will train local staff and help deploy the systems. The customer will receive a turn key operation.

SAFE Armor

One of the by products of designing a lighter than air that is capable of handling extreme pressures was the birth of an anti-ballistic material

We have altered the material and created one of the most confortable and soft anti-ballistic material in the world. Our material is NIJ level 3A and level 3 certified

Body and vehicle armor are avaible for purchase through SAFE Armor.

Twister Wind Turbine

The windmill was invented between in 700 AD by Pīrūz Nahāvandi, it was overdue for a new more efficient design and our CEO Kamal Alavi was able to extend the persian legacy.

Our windmills are effective in high winds and especially in low wind conditions giving us an advantage over convential windmills that are large and require a lot of wind to be effective. Our silent more efficient design is constructed with light weight materials that we have developed in house.

State of the Art Modern Communications

Our air ships take advantage of our optical free laser communications for high speed realtime data transmissions.

The Airships can also get equipped with wimax or 5g antennas for conventional communications but have a significant advantage over tower antennas. Since we beam the signal from top dowwn we are able to reduce the signal strength and achieve longar ranges with a single antenna over cell towers.

Realtime border surveillance system

Our Border Security system is capable of monitoring large border areas with long range optics and tracking software to give a birds eye view of borders or sensitive infrastructure.

Optic systems can be tailored to suite the customers needs and range from 1-20km line of sight

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Research Results

We outsourced a lot of our R&D to swiss universities during the feasibility phase of stratxx. Since then we focus on in house development to protect our intelectual property and guard the privacy of our customers.

In house R&D

Outsourced R&D

X-Tower up to 2km progress

SAFE Armor Body and Vehicle Armor

Drones & Payload planes

Tweister Wind Turbine

Direct line to our CEO Kamal Alavi