Events 2006 - 2007

- First launch of a balloon with a sensor to an altitude of 30kms

- Second launch of an X-Station prototype model with a payload plane (without payload)

- Third launch of a small scale X-Station (12m blimp) to validate the ascent and controlled expansion processes

Events 2008

- Fourth launch of a small scale X-Station (30m blimp) to further validate technology, including thermal control, flight termination procedures and a safe parachute descent

- First motorized geostationary flight test to validate the automatic navigation and guidance system

- Further flight tests into the stratosphere to complete development of X-Station subsystems

- X-Station prototype flight test with WiMax and optical free space technology at the Zeppelin 100-Years celebration in Germany

Events 2009

- First test of complete X-Station prototype

Events 2010

- Research and Development of X-Tower Tethered Airship System

- NIJ Level 3A 01.01.04 Certified

- NIJ Level 3 Spike and Stab Certified

Events 2011

- First Flight of X-Tower Tethered Airship System

Events 2012

- Multiple Low Endurance Flights X-Tower Flights

- X-Bugs Prototype Started

Events 2013

- X-Tower Reached Max altitude of 1750m above sea level with an up time of 14 days

Events 2014

- X-Tower reached max altitude of 1950m above sea level with an up time of 45 days enduring 75km/h wind speed.

Events 2015

- X-Bugs prototype near completion and ready for first flight.

- NIJ Level 3A 01.01.05 Certified

- NIJ Level 3 01.01.05 Certified

Events 2016

- SAFE Armor Product Line in Production.