Rights, Patents, Brands:

All X-Station intellectual property is covered by worldwide patents, either filed or in process of being patented, including:

(i) structural design of the multilayer skin,
(ii) concept for the ascent flight into the stratosphere,
(iii) thermal control system, and
(iv) separate recovery of equipped Payload Plane and Lifting Body.

X-Station work completed by different experts and industrial partners also is the property of us. Furthermore, alternatives to actual X-Station models are being patented to prevent competitor imitation. “SuperMaterial” and “Home Away®” have international patent filings and are valid in 145 countries.

Federal Office for Civil Aviation (FOCA/BAZL)

We have applied for an Air Operating Certifcate (“AOC”) and keeps BAZL advised on progress.

Federal Office for Communication / BAKOM

We have applied for communication frequencies and received a frequency for test purposes.

International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

We are in direct contact with ITU for implementing the necessary frequency allocation for a High Altitude Platform.