Telecommunication applications involve the delivery of different data types such as voice, video, email and other file transfers. They use a variety of transfer rates and frequency allocations. They can provide last mile solutions, as well as fixed & mobile convergence. X-Stations can be rapidly deployed and are able to connect hard-to-reach users over large regions into established communications networks.


Mobile Communication:

Mobile communications delivery will be a significant application. X-Stations will reduce substantially ground communication infrastructure, thereby allowing competition from this new service provider. 4G mobile and WiMax are fully standardized for X-Stations and can be reached with conventional handsets;

Data Traffic:

This application will provide a backhaul communication link from ground-based terrestrial base stations, as well as LAN and WLAN access points on a wholesale basis;

BroadBand Internet:

This model will offer delivery of broadband Internet based service directly to the end user via a dish;

Broad Cast / Multi Cast (TV & TV on Demand, Digital Radio, Video on Demand, Interactive TV):

These applications will provide the next generation of broadcast/multicast services to the end user.
WiMax Antenna developed by EPFL          WiMAX & monitoring payload developed
                                                                  by EPFL and University of York