View from Kaegiswil to Mount Pilatus in the North


Welcome to STRATXX HOLDING AG in Switzerland.

STRATXX is responsible for delivering the telecommunication industry airships (blimps) carrying communication antennas up to an altitude of 26'000 m. The stratospheric communication platforms carry Tetra Base stations, GSM base stations or WiMax platforms and are custom tailored around the customers application.

Our airships are also used to carry high-definition 360° panoramic cameras for border control or perimeter protection. Infrared cameras deliver excellent video feeds to the ground station through a fiber optic high speed data cable.

Our company has 2 main goals, one which is to fix the technological gap and make sure that the entire world is connected. Our second mission is to provide a long endurance round the clock surveillance of critical infrastructure, sporting events, or border security. However, our products can also be used for applications such as reinstall communication infrastructure after a natural disasters (floods, earthquakes) within hours, damage assesment using high end optics or simply monitor a maritime port and track all of the incoming and outgoing ships in real time with the possibility to zoom in on a suspicious activity from over 40km away. It is impossible to escape the eye in the sky.

As a by product form developing lighter than air materials for the airship industry we have managed to create an Ultralight & tought material resin free super material which happens to be to be anti ballistic and have thoroughly been tested for the the Body armor and car armor Market. We have been NIJ certified since 2010 and have been optimizing and creating alternative variations for the vehicle and body armor market. We manufacture our own material and are able to beat out the competition not only with performance but most important with price. We pride ourselves with the swiss precision manufacturing methods and quality control.