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We are a high tech company focused on communications and security with the use of Airships. Our products are designed and produced in house and live up to the made in Switzerland reputation.

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Our mission

Founded in 2005, the company developes and manufactures in Switzerland.
- Make commercial products for stratospheric altitudes
- Build, operate and lease X-Stations™
- Be the preferred contractor for corporations and governments
- Research and develop low alttitude and high altitude platforms
- We are located in Switzerland gives it access to world-class universities, strategic partners with expert knowledge of aviation, defence and telecommunications. The country also offers political support for high-tech near-space development.
- Our commercial operations started in early 2010, with telecommunications (4/5g) and remote sensing operations in the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, and Africa.

Company Time Line

STRATXX is striving to commercialise stratospheric communication platforms through the innovative application of advanced technologies.
- 1997-2000 - X-Station feasibility study performed at Texas A&M
- 2002-2005 - Design study for X-Station HAPS & SuperMaterial in collaboration with EPFL, ETH & EMPA in Switzerland
- 2005 - Construction of X-station body in Friedrichshafen, Germany
- 2005-2008 - Design and prototype of the X-Tower tethered airship
- 2007-2009 - X-Tower and SuperMaterial prototype testing phase
- 2009 - First contract signed for 50 tethered X-Tower systems
- 2009 - Delivery of the first X-Tower system
- 2010 - Begin prototype construction of the X-Bugs maned passenger prototype
- 2009-2014 - Export of 15 X-Tower systems
- 2014 - First Tv & Radio broadcast from X-Tower system. At 95kmh wind speed, 2000m altitude & a 30 day flight duration
- 2015 - X-Bugs High speed (300km/h) Passanger Prototype Manufacturing
- 2019 - Introduction of SAFE Armor anti-ballistic material and body armor
- 2021 - Introduction high efficiency low weight wind turbine constructed with lightweight SuperMaterial
- 2024 - Introduction of the newly designed tethered high altitude airship
- 2025 - Prototype testing of the X-Bugs passenger airship for the 100 year Zepelin anniversary
- 2026 - X-Bugs world tour

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